Koenigseg CC

The Koenigsegg CC8S was the fastest street legal production car, prior to the Bugatti Veyron taking that title in 2006. With a top speed claim of 390km/h it could accelerate to 100km/h in less than 3.5 seconds.

The two seater supercar comes with a removable hardtop which can be stored under the bonnet on those nice sunny days. The body is mostly made of carbon fiber, while the chassis is made with kevlar/carbon fiber.

With huge 6 piston calipers up front and 4 piston calipers on the rear, the CC8S has some sufficient braking capabilities for its top speed. There is also a good amount of tread making contact with the ground on the 18″ x 9.0″ front wheels and 20″ x 12.5″ rear wheels.

Powered by a Koenigsegg designed supercharged 4.7L V8, the 210kg engine has a compression ratio of 8.6:1, a dry sump, 12 litre oil tank, and can produce 655 bhp when you rev it out to 6800 rpm. While your maximum torque of 752 Nm will kick in at 5000 rpm.

Shifting gears is simple with your 6 speed dual plate sequential shift, but make sure you remember to change before your redline of a whopping 7300 rpm.

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