Koenigseg CCX

The Koenigsegg CCX is a 10th Anniversary Commemorative model since the first CC was built and test driven in 1996. There is also a CCXR which is tuned to run on biofuel, either E85 or E100 allowing it to produce 25% more power.

There are only some slight changes from the CCR predecessor, but this model has a top speed of 417km/h which has yet to be verified. This is the first Koenigsegg model to rid the Ford Modular V8 previously used and go with a Koenigsegg design unit built at the Koenigsegg Factory. The capacity is still 4.7 litres with dual overhead cams and 32 valves. The twin centrifugal blowers provide 17.5 psi of boost with a compression ratio of 8.2:1. The engine still produces 806 bhp and can produce 919 Nm of torque on 91 octane fuel.

The CCX was the fastest car on the Top Gear test track driven by the Stig, doing a lap of 1:17.6 after the Stig had first done a lap and lost control of the car. After suggesting a spoiler would make it the fastest car on the car driven, Koenigsegg returned after their first lap of 1:20.4 to run quicker and top the board.

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