The Story

CHRISTIAN VON KOENIGSEGG The story of Koenigsegg is as fascinating and unique as its cars. Inspired at the age of 5 by a Norwegian animated film about a bicycle repairman who builds a racing car, Christian von Koenigsegg grew up dreaming of creating the perfect sports car. Against all the odds – here we are.

Christian showed an early keenness for design and technical solutions. As a young boy he always pried apart video recorders and toasters just to see how the worked and if they could be improved upon. As a teenager he was known as the best moped tuner in town and in the early 1990’s, around his 18th birthday, Christian began to work more seriously with technical innovation and came up with two interesting ideas.

INNOVATIONS One of the innovations he called the Chip Player. He believed that one day computer memory chips would be able to store an entire music CD’s worth of data and that it would probably be cheaper. He therefore envisioned and conducted some patent searching for a musical device that would play chips instead of discs. In the end no one seemed interested in the idea so Christian moved on and in 1991 invented a new solution for joining floor planks together without adhesive or nails. He called it Click, since the profile enabled the planks to simply click together. Christian presented this technology to his father-in-law, who at the time ran a flooring factory. He rejected the idea, saying that if it was a good idea someone would have already come up with it a long time ago, and no one was asking for such a product. Christian then showed the concept to a few other floor manufacturers who also dismissed it. In 1995 a Belgian and Swedish company patented virtually exactly the same solution as Christian’s Click floor – they even called it Click! This is now a billion dollar industry. Most of the patents that Koenigsegg hold today are Christian’s brainchildren, such as the Rocket Catalytic Converter and the Supercharger Response / Relief system.

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